Productivity Tools for the Busy Writer (Part I)

One of my long-time hobbies is thrift shopping, because of the cool treasures I can find to contribute to (what I imagine is) my eclectic style. I have found everything from designer handbags to silk dresses to hand painted wine glasses. Recently, I scored an incredible leather bag that – no exaggeration – changed myContinue reading “Productivity Tools for the Busy Writer (Part I)”

Crafting a Chapter Book Series

 As a young girl, who lived in a rowhouse in South Philadelphia and played Wiffle ball in the street, I loved no book more than Anne of Green Gables. Anne was an orphan who was adopted by a pair of siblings who initially had wanted a boy to help them manage their farm. Instead, theyContinue reading “Crafting a Chapter Book Series”

Creating A Solid Morning Writing Routine

I used to envy writers who were independently wealthy, who did not have to get up to go to a mundane job to pay the mortgage and keep the heat on. I imagined a glamorous  and indulgent life in which I could spend my days writing, reading, and having business lunches with my agent. TheContinue reading “Creating A Solid Morning Writing Routine”

Arab American Heritage Month

April is Arab American Heritage Month! It’s been a joy to see that, every year, this month gets more and more media traction, lending more visibility to our community. I’m bringing back an article I wrote for Arab American Heritage Month for Baltimore Beat Magazine, where you can read my thoughts on what this monthContinue reading “Arab American Heritage Month”